The Accused and the Victim were in an intimate relationship for a period of twelve months. The female Accused and her partner were engaged in a heated argument, where the Accused assaulted her partner and destroyed items in their home.

At first sight of the facts, it appeared that the Accused committed a serious crime out of pure rage and indifference of her actions. However, following Mr Godkin’s client consultation, he was able to utilise his strong interpersonal skills to gain sensitive and emotional information from the client. Mr Godkin was able to use this information to assist the Court to understand the extensive circumstances and emotionally sensitive events which contributed to fuelling the behaviour of the accused. Mr Godkin was also able to provide this information along with reasoning which showed the Court why it is unlikely that the accused would re-offend.

Due to Mr Godkin’s esteemed skillset, including his emotional intelligence, diverse life experiences and strategic case management, he was able to achieve no conviction recorded for his client. The client was ecstatic and very relieved with the outcome.

Result: No conviction recorded.